Spider senses tingling!

We helped produce the vinyl decals for the 'Spiders' exhibit at Questacon. The vinyls are printed on a clear polymeric adhesive vinyl with contour cutting around the spiders.

Spider contour

 Notice the pink line? That's where our machine will do the cutting! Cool, huh?


 Check out these creepy crawlies on the column and on the windows!

Upon completing this job for the guys over at Questacon, with positive feedback, we hope to do more installations like this in the future!

Nothing is Jim-possible!

Looking for vehicle decals?

For our friends at Jim's Fencing, we helped wrapped up thee of their cars and trailers with vinyl decals supplied by the client!

If you see Jim, let him know we said Hello!


A-Frame just right!

Here's some signs we've produced for Flight of Fancy! On the front, we have an A-frame sandwhich board, and in the background, we have solo-styled corflute signs, all for outdoor use!

At FASTdigital we can help you increase company awareness with A-Frame signs. These inexpensive, durable signs are an excellent choice for cafés, real estate agents, and other street side businesses. They’re a great way to display daily specials, space availability, services offered, or simply to display when you’re open for business. With a variety of materials available and the ability to change out the signs with ease, these are the ideal portable sign for virtually any industry. Give us a call today to discuss how A-Frame signs can help increase your profit margin.

Flight of Fancy

Bean Culture and Jester Coffee

This is an example of our Complete Corporate Identity packaging for Bean Culture and Jester Coffee. The website can be found here. The website was created by Canberra Web: our partner business. If you need your business rebranded and a new site created - we can do it all.

Here are some photos of the signs which have been mounted outside the office. The top panel is a red aluminium composite board onto which we have printed and mounted white contour cut vinyl. The bottom panel is a different colour board which has been mounted with red vinyl and then white contour cut vinyl ontop of that. For more information on our aluminium composite signs, click here

 Jester002 small

The office itself has many custom contour cut vinyl decals which we have mounted on the walls and windows.


Additionally, the coffee cabinet itself has gotte a make-over. It has been mounted with a fully laminated digital print. The machine and grinder on top of the cabinet have been custom painted a vibrant red and mounted with a white contour cut vinyl. 


We have also printed product stickers and square 55 x 55mm business cards for Bean Culture and Jester Coffee

For more information about business cards, click here

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