Best Brochure designing services 

In retail and in many other industries brochures and catalogues are still considered one of the most effective sales tools. The trick is to make sure yours is the one that stands out. Brochures are a very versatile way to advertise your company or product. The can be used in a variety of situations, making them a valuable yet affordable addition to any advertising campaign. Common uses for corporate brochures include:

  • Mail box drops
  • Updates by direct mail
  • Handouts at trade shows and events
  • Parting gestures and reminders for potential clients

We can produce brochures in all shapes and sizes. From the typical three-fold (tri-fold) DL, to smaller A5 (half the size of an A4) mini-books or larger A4 brochures combined with our range of printing techniques available, your brochure will be a real stand-on. How you present your company brochure is a personal choice, driven by how much, or how little, you want to tell your clients about your business.

To take the stress out of the whole process, our expert graphic designers will work with you to deliver eye catching catalogues, brochures and booklets that make your products and services shine and perfectly reflects your vision. And of course, if you are at a loss finding the right words, we can help with that too. Our professional team are on hand to explain the intricacies of your business in a language everyone will understand. Whatever the size and whatever number of pages, we’ll create you a document that achieves results. 

Best Brochure designing services in  Canberra

Have your brochures printed with us and see the FASTdigital difference:  

  • Available in Various colour & formats
  • Great for impact for your advertising material
  • 1/2 & Full Colour Options
  • Printed on High Quality, Standard Stocks
  • 80-90gsm Colour Tinted Stock
  • Cheap basic options
  • 120+ gsm stock options for that shinier and thicker look and feel
  • Fast Delivery ($10 Canberra wide flat rate shipping)
  • An inexpensive letterbox drop option
  • Printed on one or two sides

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