Bumper stickers can be flashy and useful messaging tools

Bumper stickers can be used to convey any message that you want to present. When designing bumper stickers, it is best to keep the intended message short and to the point. A well-designed bumper sticker can be an effective and inexpensive form of advertising. Not only do people apply them to their vehicles, bumper stickers are also used to decorate items like notebooks, laptops, instrument cases, equipment cases, walls, and windows.Bumper Sticker, Sticker

Bumper stickers are great items to include in showbags, information packs and even kids party bags.

A cost effective way to have your business advertised. If you need something that can be given away in large quantities but doesn’t cost a lot, stickers are a good product to use. Starting out at a simple one colour print to full photographic profile designs, the choice is yours.

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