At FASTdigital we can cater for all your digital printing needs. We carry a wide range of Fuji Xerox paper stocks in Matte/Satin, Gloss, Uncoated and Supergloss/Photo Gloss. All our papers are top quality paper, the majority of which are white stock. ALL our paper stocks are acid free. We do also carry a small range of colour tinted paper or card stocks.

Below is a basic price table for the most common size prints with cost for 0-1000+ prints. For larger jobs or regular clientele, please call for best price and overall package deals. Under each size there is each of our main paper types. For each paper type we have listed colour and black and white prices for your convenience. The first set of prices is 0-499 (qty), the second set 500-999 (qty) and the third set of prices for 1000+ (qty). Staples, creases and hole punches incur additional charges relevent to the qty.


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