Personalise a calendar for your clients or for your office.

You can start with a cover photo plus an image for each month. Incorporating photo collages can also be extremely effective. Add photos and text onto your special dates to highlight your corporate events and milestones.

A calendar will stay before the eyes of your employees and clients all year long – give them something meaningful to look at with a customised photo calendar.

Worldwide Corporate Calendars are a great way to keep your brand on your client’s desk all year round.

Corporate calendars are cost-effective giveaways that keep your business top-of-mind all year round.

Here’s a tip — you can start your calendar at any month of the year to fit in with your financial year, or to celebrate a specific milestone or anniversary.

A printed calendar on the back of your business card will add impact and be more memorable

With the latest developments in digital printing, you can get your hands on in-expensive, low quantity, high quality calendars in a range of sizes including A4, A5, DL, bookmark, desktop and more. There's really no limit to what you can print: colour, black and white, varying quantities, personalised copies.

Looking for A5 calendars, A4 calendars, promotional wall calendars, other sizes, different stock, or special finishes? Simply contact FASTdigital for your needs or request a quote for your calendar.

DL Calendar exampleAvailable in paper print and magnet
A4 calendar example
Bound DL Desk Calendar example

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