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Billboards, posters, pull up banners, conference displays, in store merchandising, floor and building plans… they all rely on high quality large format printing.

FASTdigital can manage anything form A2-sized posters up to full-sized billboards and everything in between - we have a full range of materials to cover all indoor and outdoor applications.

And we don't just focus on the production side of large format printing we can arrange installation as well. We can also offer advice on design and layout and finding the right product for your situation whether you are looking for billboards, posters or pull-up banners for trade and conference displays or in-store merchandising. We have a range of high quality media, and finishing options including laminating and mounting on board.

We’ll bring your posters, banners, charts, photos, plans or tradeshow displays to life, quickly and easily. Our impressive large format printing capabilities means we can print to almost any size, on a variety of materials (including plain paper, UV resistant stock and even canvas).

Plus, we can laminate and mount your display materials so they stand the test of time. Simply call in to view our extensive range of large format digital printing options.

We understand plans, site maps, technical sketches and drafts require high definition reproduction. Crisp lines. Accurate copying. And, fast turnaround times. At FASTdigital, our top-of-the-range digital printing machines deliver on quality, every time. Email your plans; use our on-line Send File tool; or drop-off your hard copy originals and we’ll scan and copy them for you.

Wide Format Printing:


Vinyl Lettering (Basic media):

                  Letter Size Per Letter
Basic Media - $120/ lineal meter (1300mm):         20mm $0.55   125mm $3.45
White digital print media with clear glue (Gloss - standard adhesive media)   25mm $0.60   150mm $4.80
White digital print media with grey blockout glue (Gloss)       30mm $0.65   200mm $6.50
Clear digital print media when adhered on white (Gloss)       40mm $0.85   250mm $8.00
                  50mm $1.20   300mm $9.50
Mid-range Media - $150/ lineal meter (1300mm):         60mm $1.30   400mm $14.25
PVC Banner (+$100 for stitching of a 3-4m banner, eyelets 50c each)(Gloss)   70mm $1.50   450mm $17.20
Clear digital print media when on glass or perspex (gloss - eg light boxes)   75mm $1.75   500mm $20.70
Stacic cling media (Gloss White)           80mm $2.10   600mm $28.80
Photo Paper (Semi-gloss)             90mm $2.50   750mm $37.95
White digital print media with clear glue (Matte)         100mm $2.75   800mm $41.80
Mid-range Media - $120/ lineal meter (900mm):         Prices include cutting, weeding, backing paper and optionalonal
Anti-curl pull up banner media - Matte (reskinning banners or for posters)   application to clients vehicle if vehicle is presented
                  Larger jobs are done on a media usage cost of $50/ linealal
Premium Media - $180/ lineal meter (1300mm):         meter (600mm) + Labour charge $80/h.  
Opal light box media (Matte)                      
Re-usable wall graphics (Matte)          

Vinyl Lettering (Premium media):

One-way Vision (Gloss)             Letter Size Per Letter $      
Pearlessent Banner Material (Matte)           20mm $0.70   125mm $4.60
                  25mm $0.75   150mm $6.60
Minimum print length 20cm             30mm $1.15   200mm $8.80
Discounts for prints 4m+   Laminate $75/ lineal meter (1300mm)   40mm $1.25   250mm $10.35
                  50mm $1.50   300mm $12.60
Corflute Signs (900x600mm):             60mm $1.65   400mm $19.20
$75 each                 70mm $2.00   450mm $23.00
$120 ($60 each) for two             75mm $2.25   500mm $27.50
Blank sheets $10 each             80mm $2.55   600mm $38.50
Double sided $110 each             90mm $2.90   750mm $50.50
Orders over 10 at special rates             100mm $3.45   800mm $55.50

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