Got your menu worked out but don’t know how to best display it?led signboard

That’s fine - FASTdigital can design a system that specifically suits your application. Menu signs can be the main criteria for some businesses so you need to get it right the first time. Menu signs can be produced from many types of material and can even be illuminated.

Some of the options available are basic blackboards or whiteboards where we can digitally print set items or just your logo, and then you can change things such as prices or specials.

A fancier option that we can offer you is a led back lit "whiteboard", in this case it is actually black, but uses special whiteboard markers that glow strongly when backlit. The face of these boards are perspex so we can have your logo engraved in to the back of the perspecs and have it as a permanant watermark behind your specials.

Other options are more permanent sheet metal or aluminium composite menu boards. We can either digitally print the menu, prices and logos and adher it to the surfaces, or we can use computer cut (contour cut) lettering and decals. There is also the option of using a combination of the two so you can change items or just prices as required. At FASTdigital, we will go over the options with you and help you come up with the most suitable system for your needs.

At FASTdigital we offer "Specials Posters" which you can put on walls or in snap frames that we can also supply. These come in a wide range of sizes to suit every application. We also supply sign frames and sign boards that are self standing - single sided, double sided or even on an angled stand to make it easier to read while standing close.

Why not have your menu on a pull up banner that you can set up near the entry to your store? Offer catering services? Then this transportable menu sign could be the perfect option for you! Cater outdoors more often than indoors? Then why not try an A-frame menu sign? One off event? Then we can offer corflute backed menu signs that are weather resistant and suitable for events, festivals and outdoor venues.

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