The mesh banner with digital print is perfect for construction site fences as the mesh banner material lets the air through so the fence doesnt blow over. We provide full colour prints at high resolution onto a strong mesh banner material.

We hem the edges of the mesh banners and put eyelets every 0.5m along the top and bottom so you can easily fix them to your fence.Mesh banner example

  • Mesh material lets wind pass through
  • Perfect for construction site fences!
  • Full colour high resolution digital printing. Huge bulk discounts available!
  • Can be finished with Ropes & Eyelets, Rod Pockets or just Hemmed Edges.
  • Printing is UV & Weatherproof

Fabric fence wrap is a great solution to brand large outdoor areas including portable fence structures, stadium fencing and scaffolding for construction and building sites. Edging finished with sewn hems and eyelets etc.

FASTdigital can help you distinguish your lots by producing low cost products for this application. We use both corflute and metal materials when it comes to lot signs. These can be screen printed for large quantities, or digitally printed. We can even install them for you if required.

If it is a block being built or renovated we can provide fence banners to surround and block vision to the construction work. We can provide it in two different qualities - a low quality mesh screening and a higher quality PVC mesh banner. There is two coverage options, a max 70% coverage option, or a full 100% coverage option. 

  • Each roll in 50m in length and 1.6m in height.
  • Each edge is folded and stitched for additional strength.
  • Eyelets are installed every 50cm for affixing the banners to site fences.
  • Banners can be cut and re-edged at specific lengths to best suits your needs.

At FASTdigital we have a wide range of products to suit your varying needs allowing us to help you get your name out there and advertise your business and/or work to potential clients.

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