Here you will find a list of all standard series paper sizes and printing formats of product we can produce for you.

A0 = 841x1189mm
A1 = 594x841mm
A2 = 420x594mm
A3 = 297x420mm
A4 = 210x297mm
A5 = 148x210mm
A6 = 105x148mm
A7 = 74x105mm


1. Trim size is the size of the paper and how it will physically turn out.

2. Bleed marks is to show the edge of where images, objects, or text in a layout extend beyond the trim boundaries of the page. These marks are for items or colours you wish to go to the edge of the page. For most designs between the sizes of A3 - A6 to DL, bleed is typically 5mm (2.5mm around the edges)

3. Safe area is where you would want to place your content/design as an added precaution of not getting important parts of the content/design cut off. This also helps the document from looking skewed, due to any movements in the printing/cutting process. Safe area will vary depend on the size of the document. The larger the document, the larger the safe area will need to be.

Safe area _____

Trim size _____

Bleed _____

Business Cards:

Trim size - 90 x 55mm Bleed - 95 x 60mm (2.5mm per side) Safe Area - 82 x 47mm (minium 4mm per side)


Trim size - 55 x 200mm Bleed - 60 x 205mm (2.5mm per side) Safe Area - 47 x 192mm (minium 4mm per side)

A6 - Postcards:

Trim size - 105 x 148mm Bleed - 110 x 153mm (2.5mm per side) Safe Area - 97 x 140mm (minium 4mm per side)


Trim size - 99 x 210mm Bleed - 104 x 215mm (2.5mm per side) Safe Area - 91 x 202mm (minium 4mm per side)


Trim size - 148 x 210mm Bleed - 153 x 215mm (2.5mm per side) Safe Area - 138 x 200mm (minium 5mm per side)


Trim size - 210 x 297mm Bleed - 215 x 302mm (2.5mm per side) Safe Area - 194 x 281mm (minium 8mm per side)


Trim size - 297 x 420mm Bleed - 302 x 425mm (2.5mm per side) Safe Area - 277 x 400mm (minium 10mm per side)

A4 trifold (to DL)

Trim size - 210 x 297mm
(folded/creased to 210 x 99mm)
Trim size - 210 x 297mm
(folded/creased to 210 x 99mm)
Bleed - 215 x 302mm (2.5mm per side) Safe Area - 202 x 91mm (per third) (minium 4mm per side)


Trim size - 420 x 594mm Safe Area - 410 x 584mm (minium 10mm per side)


Trim size - 594 x 841mm Safe Area - 584 x 831mm (minium 10mm per side)


Trim size - 841 x 1189mm Safe Area - 831 x 1179mm (minium 10mm per side) 

Note: For pages to be made into saddle stitched booklets, please allow 5mm bleed rather than 2.5mm, due to trimming requirements.

Bleed may vary depending on the machine being used.
Canon wide format paper prints only need the 2.5mm bleed.
Roland wide format sign/sticker prints generally require 10mm bleed.
Please confirm as required.

Downloadable print design guide

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