Static Cling Example

  • Full photo prints
  • Water Resistant
  • Resistant to Fading
  • Professional installation is required for large stickers

Static Cling Movable Stickers are easily applied, removed, and reused without any force or sticky residue. These high quality stickers are a popular way to advertise on a business window, car windscreen or as reusable labels because they guarantee not to damage and can be easily removed. These stickers are designed to cling to any glass surface without any adhesive. Available with Clear or Solid White Backing. Repositional stickers are available as a Solid Static Cling sticker and as a Clear Static Cling sticker. Solid clings include full color printing and a completely solid, opaque sticker. These are easy to see from a distance and very vibrant and eye catching. Clear Cling stickers offer full color images and a completely clear background. The clear clings look similar to vinyl lettering and die-cut decals and can provide very elegant stickers. Other commonly used names for this product are decals, custom stickers, made to measure stickers, advertising stickers, professional stickers, retail shop window stickers, retail shop window decals, advertising decals, Static Cling Stickers, Static Cling decals, Clear Stickers, Car Windscreen Stickers, Caryard Decals.

At FAST digital our aim is to help you find the most suitable form of signage for your shop or business. Static Cling Stickers can be cut to any shape.

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