Accentuate your message with teardrop flags

Teardrop flags provide you with an excellent way to grab attention and display information at your next fete, festival, or trade show. Great for labelling specific areas or simply displaying the name or intention of the event, teardrop flags are an often overlooked solution. Our flags are made of durable, all-weather vinyl and can be customised to whatever design you have in mind. Printed on state of the art wide format printers using top of the line materials, you can buy with confidence knowing that the flag you receive will be the absolute best product possible.

Not a designer? Not a problem. We have professional graphic designers on staff that can design the flag for you or can answer any questions you may have.

Our Teardrop Flags are perfect for your next Event! With a range of bases available you can spike them into sand / dirt, stand them on the ground or attach a wall bracket to the front of your store.

Tear drop and flying banners

teadrop and flying banners canbrrra

  • Full Colour Printing
  • Single or Double Sided Available
  • Complete with Carry Bag

The shape of the Teardrop flag is eyecatching and demands attention. Perfect for displaying company logos to brand an event or shop front. Single-sided Teardrops are printed on our Pongee material on one side only however the ink shows through on the other side as a mirrored image (reverse image) at approx 85-95% bleed through. All bases are engineered specifically to be free rotating to not rip up in the wind and to allow the flag to move with the breeze.

Available in a range of sizes the 2.5m high are ideal for indoor or outdoor display, however for greater impact bigger is better for outdoor displays! Most commonly seen at car yard sales, local market stalls and sporting events these flags are the perfect way to get your brand noticed.

Other commonly used names for this product are beach banners, free-standing flags, wind flags, promotional flags, advertising flags, custom printed flags, or retail flags.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, our promotional teardrops / flags are great for advertising at trade shows, auto dealers, corporate events, and sports venues. Lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble, each event banner makes a convenient solution to your on-the-go marketing needs. While each banner features a flying effect outdoors, it also makes an impressive display for indoor promotions, events & retail stores.

They are great to use outside your business or outdoor events like sports days, field and community events, or your favourite golf day. They can also be used indoors to enhance your trade show or exhibition event.

teardrop and flying banner canberra

Templates for design can be located here.

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