Visplay a Vehicle Graphic for Maximum Exposure

Want to advertise your business all day, every day while only paying for this once? Using our custom Vehicle Graphics, you can advertise every day of the week for long periods of time without having to pay a large bill. With a Vehicle Graphic, there is no need to continually pay for other forms of advertising that won’t advertise your business as effectively.

Vehicle graphics produce results on the first drive, and never stop working until you decide to remove them. This is one of the reasons why Vehicle Signage is always considered a success.

With thousands of people seeing your vehicles each day, you cant afford not to have some form of advertising on them. Cut vinyl graphics are a very affordable way to put your branding on your car. We have a huge range of colours you can use and we can machine cut any shapes & letters.

Promote your business with your car!

We can turn your car into a mobile billboard with high quality. While we only deal with flat panels and windows, not full vehicle wraps, we can still turn your car in to a head turning mobile billboard.

Also check out our Vehicle Lettering section, One Way Window Graphics or for semi-permanent solutions try the Magnetic Signs section.

Are you on the road for your business? Your entire car can act as a moving billboard for your company using vehicle wraps, magnetic signs, one way clear focus glass signage or digitally cut letters.

FASTdigital can include photographic images which you may require to show off your business in a pictorial way. Signage can be removed at a later date if necessary for vehicle resale purposes, or changed if a new campaign arises.

One Way Vision is the product for you. One Way Vision is also perfect for signing rear and side windows on vehicles as they don't block your vision. In many states this is the only legal form of signage that can go on your vehicles windows.Australia Post one way vision and vehicle graphics example

  • Full colour digital printing 
  • Allows you to still see out of the window
  • Optional protective laminate that is optically clear
  • A great way to increase privacy for your office
  • Water Resistant
  • Resistant to Fading
  • Professional installation is required for large stickers

 Micro Hole stickers or One-Way Vision stickers are most popular for retail store windows and car rear window advertising because light filters through and allows you to see out of the window with an almost solid image showing through on the other side.

Inside the vehicle, you can see through the rear window with a clear view. No need to worry about your vision being obstructed. We use the latest printing technology to ensure your rear window graphics are sized correctly for your vehicle and will provide outstanding results for years to come. There aren't many other advertising mediums that can compare to rear window graphics in relation to exposure gained versus the low-cost of investment. So orders your today and be happy with the results your graphics will produce!

FASTdigital have a vast array of colours of vinyl to choose from that can be used in conjunction with One Way Vision Window Graphics. Vinyl cut lettering is designed for a more simple way of advertising across your vehicle. Lettering is profile cut using a purpose specific machine and can then be installed by one of our qualified team or you can even install it yourself. The lettering like One Way Vision window Graphics can be removed at a later date if necessary.

One Way Vision Window Graphics will leave the smallest foot print on your vehicle in the future should you wish to remove or change the graphics, or to sell the vehicle.

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