Turn your car, van, truck, ute or trailer into a mobile billboard, or just put magnetic signs on your vehicle doors.  FASTdigital has the experience, skill and equipment to provide the full range of vehicle signage. We can also help you with trucks, busses, equipment, and boat graphics of all types.

Contact us via our website to find out how to benefit from our full range of vehicle signage.

Build your brand every time you hit the road. Vehicle signage will turn your mode of transport into a travelling billboard.

Vehicle signage means your vehicle or your entire fleet can be working for you night and day. Whether you’re parked at the supermarket or cruising the highway, vehicle graphics are a fabulous way to advertise. And car signs don’t have to be expensive to be effective, they can be quite simple and unobtrusive.

Vehicle signange is a great investment.

Whatever type of vehicle advertising you want, we can find the right product for you, including:

  • Flat panel and window signage for cars
  • Flat panel and window signage trucks and vans
  • Car magnets
  • Vehicle stickers
  • Vehicle lettering (contour cut)
  • Vehicle graphics (full digital prints)
  • Vinyl graphics (logos and decals)

Vehicle advertising. Making your vehicle work for you. Makes perfect sense.

vehicle signage canberra     vehicle signage canberra

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