What is a Wallscape?

scenic wallscape example

A Wallscape is a form of artwork directly applied on large permanent surfaces such as walls and ceilings. It is usually designed according to the size and shape of the building wall which makes them eye-catching.

The size of a wallscape gives the company the opportunity to display their brand in the best possible and most eye-catching way using a number of modern features such as neon lights, 3D images, moving pictures etc. It can also provide a nice ambiance to the room by adding in a fake window. It provides the chance to showcase and enhance the brand image of the company. The dramatic impacts easily capture the attention of customers from great distances.

Despite all these opportunities, one challenge that has to be faced while dealing with wallscapes is that any defect in the artwork is magnified. One has to be careful and must follow the keep-it-simple-stupid rule by focusing more on the product rather than enhancing graphics and wordings which would automatically pull attention from the product or service.

Rather than hiring a painter and wait for him to complete the wall art, one must buy removable wallscapes that are durable enough to resist weather calamities and spread the message.

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